The Great North Run 2016Looking for a challenge?

On Sunday 11th September 2016 the biggest and most famous half marathon in the world! Starting in the heart of Newcastle, this 13.1 mile route takes you over the Tyne Bridge before crossing the finish line in South Shields to cheers from a spectacular crowd. The race is run by a mix of elite athletes, celebrities and people raising awareness and money for a cause close to their heart…like you!

Last year (2015) was our first year as a registered charity in The Great North Run and as such we were limited to 5 places (you gain more places as the years go on) and we were luck enough to have another 8 people with their own place run for us.  This year we have been awarded 10 places, not a lot but an increase all the same.  We will give the 2015 runners first refusal but if you are thinking of running for us and joining our team we ask that you apply for a place in the ballot, if you are successful great but if not we shall keep you in mind should one of our allotted places be available.

Steps to take if you would like to run for us:

  1. Send us a message on Facebook: CLICK HERE, eMail us or call Andrew on 07969842504 and let us know you are interested.
  2. Register for the Ballot reminder service on The Great North Run Website, CLICK HERE, and let us know if you are successful.

Hopefully in future years we shall get more places but in the meantime trying to get your own place first would be a great help.

The 2015 run was fantastic and if you speak to anyone who took part they will tell you it is a wonderful experience and the runners managed to raise a massive £5514 for our charity.  You also get to meet new people and make some great friends.

We are in the process of trying to find a sponsor for tops and transport etc so once we have confirmed numbers we shall put this in place.

Have a look at the 2015 team HERE and some of our photos HERE.

We would love to have you run for us!

Great North Run 2015 Team

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To celebrate Hazel’s 40th birthday she has decided to bravely take part in the Newcastle Tyne Bridge Zip Wire Challenge. Not only this, her husband and 6 of her friends have decided to do it with her all in aid of our charity on 31st October 2015.

If you would like to sponsor one of the brave participants then please click on their name below.  After you have made your donation securely via PayPal you will be brought back to our site where you will have the opportunity to leave a message.  We will never display your email address.

Thank you all for you support!


The following people are taking part in Hazel’s Zip Wire Challenge!

Hazel and Ian Boyd - Newcastle Tyne Bridge Zip Wire Challenge
Bianca Omara - Newcastle Tyne Bridge Zip Wire Challenge
Rachel Sanderson - Newcastle Tyne Bridge Zip Wire Challenge
Emily Sanderson - Newcastle Tyne Bridge Zip Wire Challenge
Evan Grieve - Newcastle Tyne Bridge Zip Wire Challenge
Tammy Vella - Newcastle Tyne Bridge Zip Wire Challenge
Katie Thomson - Newcastle Tyne Bridge Zip Wire Challenge
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Ord House November 2014

Last night we spent a fantastic night at Ord House Country Park. Louise Laidlaw and a few friends hold a bingo and quiz night every Friday in Maguires Bar and the proceeds go to our charity. Tonight Louise presented us a Cheque for £2750. The support we have had from Louise and her team over the years has been fantastic and I am sure I speak for everyone when we say we have some true friends there.

Ord House

Ord House

We played a few games of bingo and our Pete even had the opportunity to shout ‘house!’, great stuff. We were quite successful in the quiz too. ‘3 Grumpy Old Men and Lynda’ and the ‘Megalomaniacs’. Rivalry was formed, and I can only describe the skills of Lynda as ‘the best eye gymnastics I have ever seen (towards our paper)’, how disappointed she must have been as they beat us by a mile, ha! (you can guess which team I was on).

The reception we always get at Ord House is brilliant and the venue itself is very nice. If you would like any information on Ord House and Maguires please click on the image of Ord House.

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