Coronavirus - COVID-19

Most Recent Update : 02 June 2022

The Berwick & District Cancer Support Group remains absolutely committed to the well-being and protection of our vulnerable clients and our volunteers.

Masks still need to be worn at all times to protect our clients and our drivers.

Hand sanitiser will continue to be available in all our cars and our drivers will ensure surfaces are wiped clean before and after each journey.

Due to the increasingly high volume of requests for our cancer transportation service we ask that contact be made with our co-ordinators as soon as possible with the details of cancer related appointments, we will continue to do everything we possibly can to assist all our clients : 07780 795244

A statement from our Chair :
"The nature of our service and the fact we are dealing with clinically extremely vulnerable clients I feel it would be in all our interests to leave our 'Covid Safe' platform and procedures in place for the time being : Our drivers and clients will continue to wear masks and our cars will be sanitised at every opportunity."
- Andrew Smith, Chair
Beating COVID