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The Berwick & District Cancer Support Group

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Berwick Cancer Cars 30th Anniversary Team Photo
Berwick Cancer Cars 2022 30th Anniversary Photo

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Berwick Cancer Cars - Fleet 2022
Berwick Cancer Cars 2022 Fleet

About Us

The Berwick & District Cancer Support Group was founded in 1992 by a group of people who through experience knew how difficult it was to get to main hospitals in our area for cancer appointments, (for those who don't know where we are, our closest major hospital is almost 60 miles away). They started up in the hope that no one would ever have to worry about travelling to their appointments again.

Our group is run on a totally voluntary basis. Many of our members have experienced living alongside cancer in one way or another. All our members are committed to keeping the service we provide available to all who may need it. We are a local registered charity, {registered charity no.1040297} supported mainly by our fundraising.

In June 2022, our 30th year of service to the Berwick & District community, we received the "Queen's Award for Voluntary Service", the MBE for voluntary organisations. A wonderful recognition for the outstanding commitment and contribution from all our volunteers.

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