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Berwick Inner Wheel Presentation 2020

We would like to extend our tremendous gratitude to Sheila Budzynski and all her colleagues at the Berwick Inner Wheel for their continued support and recent very generous donation of £4500 to our Cars.

In Sheila’s final year as Chair, The Berwick & District Cancer Support Group was selected by the organisation’s president to be the Berwick Inner Wheel’s chosen charity for 2019-2020. The total donation amount was comprised of various donations along with all the proceeds from the very hard work the Berwick Inner Wheel put into their popular hand made goods for the Xmas stall.

Pictured are members of the Berwick Inner Wheel who kindly met for a brief presentation with Berwick Cancer Cars representatives on 7th September at the Berwick Information Centre.

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Leave a comment - Berwick Cancer Cars
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