Happy 69th Birthday to the ‘almost twins’

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Michael and Brian

It isn’t very often you come across someone with the same birthday as yourself, especially born just a minute apart! So, when we discovered that two of our very special friends, Cancer Car driver Michael Cox and client (and former Cancer Car driver) Brian Boyd were sharing their 69th birthday we couldn’t let this pass without a little bit of a celebration. Brian, who is currently undergoing treatment, was over the moon to be driven by long-term friend Michael to and from his appointment.

A special thank you to Black’s Creative Cupcakes for their incredibly kind donation of birthday cupcakes which were made especially for the big occasion (and featured our famous white cars!), and which were presented by our two terrifically hardworking co-ordinators – Nicola and Shona.

Wishing our boys both a very happy 69th birthday from all their friends and colleagues at Berwick Cancer Cars.


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