New Management Committee Application

Our Charity has grown and so the way it is run must also grow.  Our 'Key Officers' have come to the end of their term and new appointments have been created to ensure our Charity is administered to the highest of standards.  We invite you to apply.

Management Committee Roles (click to expand description)

The Management Committee is set up under the authority of the Trustees of the charity. Its purpose is to manage the smooth day to day running of the charity and to keep the trustees advised of any necessary changes or developments from the driver’s/client’s perspective. To this end, and as laid out in the constitution, four officers:  Chair,  Vice Chair,  Secretary and Treasurer are ex officio members of the trustees with full voting rights.

The committee meets under its own cognition but must meet at least once every two months. All named officers are expected to attend meetings and provide updates on their designated area.

Non-Management Committee Roles (click to expand description)

We are also looking for a 'bank' of 'ad-hoc fundraising helpers'.

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Please feel free to call one of the following with any questions:

Paul Jackson - Chair of Trustees 07747801541
Ann Short - Trustees 07548124591
Andrew Smith - Chair of Volunteers 07969 842504

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Management Committee Application

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