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Following the loss of her beloved mother in law, Mary, Mandy Punton has been working tirelessly in support of our Cars through her amazing fundraising efforts and, like each and every one of our brilliant supporters, has donated an immeasurable amount of time, resources and money to help keep our cars running. As an ambassador for Tropic skincare Mandy has done something quite unique and exciting, combining her passion for natural skincare products and her kind thoughtfulness of the needs of our clients.

So, we’d like to say a huge thank you to Mandy and share her story using her own words and tell you more about what she does for our charity and our clients.

“Two years ago, our lives turned upside down when my beloved mother in law, Mary was diagnosed with cancer. Without the support of the Berwick and District Cancer Support Group the already stressful time would have been so much worse.

Mary much preferred to go to her appointments with the Cancer Cars as she enjoyed the company of the drivers who always had the ability to brighten her day and make her smile. Unfortunately, Mary passed away five months after starting her treatment.

As a family we are so grateful for the support of the charity and have taken them to our hearts.”

So it was that Mandy began raising money for Cancer Cars by hosting Open House Events for her Tropic Skincare Business, inviting anyone who wanted to come along to have a mini treatment using their multi award-winning, sustainably sourced and cruelty free certified products. Mandy says of Tropic Skincare –

“Tropic’s skincare products use naturally derived ingredients that are not tested on animals so are certified vegan. They smell and feel amazing on your skin and can be very effective in helping with the side effects of cancer treatment. This would be dry skin especially hands and feet, dry and cracked lips and nails.”

Due to their natural, beneficial properties Mandy had the idea to put some of these products into a pack and give them as a gift to new users of the Cars. In addition to the Tropic Skincare products, carefully chosen so that they can be used by both men and women, Mandy very kindly includes other items such a puzzle book and pen to help pass the time, some sweets to help with dry mouths and a pair of warm cosy socks to keep feet toasty! Thus Mandy’s ‘Rainbow Packs’ were born!

Mandy raises money to fund these packs by hosting Open House Events throughout the year, she also receives donations from local businesses and individuals. So far Mandy has personally sponsored over 20 packs and with kind donations has put together a further 38 packs which are ready for distribution. To date Mandy has raised an incredible £3600. £800 of this alone was from hosting her fun and informal Tropic Skincare Open House Events.

“I would like to thank everyone who has sponsored packs and supported my fundraising for the Cars”.

If anyone is interested in attending Mandy’s next Open House Event or would like to help her by sponsoring further packs, please get in touch.

Her email address is or via her Facebook page

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