Roddam Court residents raise over £2000 from their annual Festive Display.

Marjorie Read and the residents of Roddam Court

Donation Amount:


Andrew Marjorie - £2000

Roddam Court’s Christmas lights display has been a ‘must go see’ event for the last few years. Each Christmas the residents put on an amazing display of THOUSANDS of festive lights and decorations with a myriad of Santa Clauses, reindeer, snowmen, polar bears, angels and Christmas trees all vying for space (probably visible from space too!), and which attract people from far and wide to see.

The residents raised a staggering £2001.15 for our Cars, the biggest amount ever raised which is an especially incredible thing to have done during these very hard times for everyone. Our thanks to Roddam Court, most especially Marjorie Read for organising and looking after the Cancer Cars Collection Buckets and for keeping us so well informed throughout the event. And of course our HUGE thanks to each and everyone who so generously donated – not all of whom were able to visit the amazing display and sent in their donations from afar. Fantastic all of you!

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Leave a comment - Berwick Cancer Cars
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