Running the distance for Berwick Cancer Cars

Luke Dickson, Robyn Ellen and Roger Peaple.

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One of our drivers and media man Roger Peaple took on the might of Berwick’s Elizabethan Town Walls today in aid of Berwick Cancer Cars on what was to have been the day of The Gateshead Half Marathon. Perhaps not a huge feat for a 1.2 mile (2 km) circuit and which forms the famous annual Curfew Run, organised by our good friends The Tweed Striders each July, where runners compete against the 8pm curfew bell which rings for 13 minutes – but a little more strenuous when done hopping on crutches, four weeks after snapping his Achilles tendon.

At the same time, two of our amazing supporters, friends Robyn Ellen and Luke Dickson (also both due to take part in today’s Gateshead Half Marathon as a fundraiser for our Cars), headed out independently – and unbeknownst to one other – and ran the 13.1 mile (21.10 km) half marathon distance on solo runs, not easy to do without the assistance of cheering crowds of well wishes! A genuinely great achievement, we’re very proud of you both and for your amazing fundraising efforts for our Cars!

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Leave a comment - Berwick Cancer Cars
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