Week 5

Mixed terrain of grass and pavement, which took us from the Barracks through the Cow Gate, past Berwick Bowling Club to the sea, left up to the Haven Holiday Park continuing on the grass to the Magdalene Fields Golf course with the Holiday park on our right then following the footpath up towards and over the small railway bridge to and up Magdalene Drive. Turn right on North Road up to the Ramparts, anti-clockwise around the Ramparts and retracing our steps back down to Castle Drive, up Castle Terrace, left down Paxton Road to the top of Askew Walk. Down Askew Walk to the New Road path to run along the Tweed, following to Tommy The Miller’s then UP to Castlegate, down Northumberland Ave towards the Haven Holiday Park then we hit Golf Ball Alley for a last sprint to the Stanks and back to the Parade!

Distance approx. 6 miles

Berwick Cancer Cars Week 5 Mapometer Route