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George Dance

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George Dance - Quiz Fundraiser for Berwick Cancer Cars

A huge shoutout for George Dance and his amazing family and friends for yet again supporting our cars. George has continued his Quizzes throughout lockdown and raised a massive £1360.

George told us, “In the early days of lockdown (March 2020) I organised a ‘virtual pub’ on WhatsApp which was a bit of a challenge as none of us had ever used our phones for anything technical.We managed to get this working and enjoyed it so much that we kept doing it throughout the whole of 2020 and 2021.

I realised that I had the March 2020 quiz ready as I do them on the last Friday of every month so we decided to give it a go on the phone. I also invited some extra people to join in and ended up with 10 couples involved.We all enjoyed it so much that we started quizzing every week using the monthly questions that I had used in the pub and which was still on my computer starting way back from April 2015. Never did I think that we would do 60 of them before we were able to get back into the pub. I know it was 60 as a couple of our friends put an extra charge of £4.00 a week away and then donated £240.

About £300 is actually quizzes before lockdown and the rest was donated by the virtual quizzes for the enjoyment that it gave them during lockdown This generosity completely blew me away.”

A massive thank you to George, Moira, the staff at The Island View Inn, their friends and family for creating such wonderful camaraderie. Your continued support is appreciated by us all here at Cancer Cars.

📸 Our Chairman Andrew (and Dave), Co-ordinator Nicola, George and Moira.

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