Rocco’s Brave Head Shave Fundraiser for our Cars

Rocco Smith

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Rocco Smith raises £1102.98 for Berwick's Cancer Cars

Our young supporters always amaze us with their kindness and thoughtfulness. 12 year old Rocco Smith messaged us to say he was doing a head shave fundraiser for our Cars and in support of his amazing mum, Julie Neil, whilst she underwent her cancer treatments. Rocco received masses of support and raised a HUGE £1102.98 !

Sending out a massive Berwick Cancer Cars ‘THANK YOU!’ to young Rocco – pictured here alongside one of our Cars, ‘Stanx’ – for his tremendous fundraising efforts and for so bravely supporting his mum during her cancer journey. Rocco Smith – you’re absolutely awesome !

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Leave a comment - Berwick Cancer Cars
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