A Day of Community, Compassion, and Celebration: Berwick Cancer Cars at Berwick Rangers Football Club

Berwick Rangers Football Club - Community Day - Berwick Cancer Cars

Saturday 9th March saw members of Berwick Cancer Cars eagerly gathered for a day filled with compassion, community, and celebration. The occasion? A heartwarming community day hosted by Berwick Rangers Football Club, where our dedicated charity members were invited to take part in a day of hospitality and camaraderie.

Amongst the cheers and excitement at Shielfield Park, our members were treated to a day of gracious hospitality from the football club as part of the community day.

Our members, Nicola Warren, Rowena Redgewell, Steve Barraclough, Bill Pikett and Peter Inglis had the opportunity to connect with fellow community members, other charities, football enthusiasts, and the compassionate team at Berwick Rangers. The highlight of the day, of course, was the exhilarating match between Berwick Rangers and Gretna Football Club. The stadium buzzed with excitement as the teams took to the field, and our members were right in the heart of the action as they witnessed Berwick Rangers secure a remarkable 3-0 victory.

At Berwick Cancer Cars, we are immensely grateful to Berwick Rangers Football Club for extending such a warm invitation to our members and for creating a day full of memories. We are also deeply appreciative of the community’s ongoing support, which enables us to continue our vital work of providing transportation and support to those battling cancer.

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