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For the past few years we have entered a few runners into the worlds biggest half marathon 'The Great North Run'.  It is difficult to get entries for the run as it is so popular but last year (2017) we managed to have 39 runners and raised the magnificent sum of £14,000.  This money allowed us to replace one of cars and the runner name him 'Miles' (in recognition of all the miles ran to raise the money).

A video montage of our runners in 2017.


The Great North Run, Junior and Mini 2018

This year we have another 43 fabulous people running for us.  The effort and camaraderie we receive from the runners is amazing and they are all heroes in our eyes.  This year The Great North Run theme is 'Everyday Heroes' and we have certainly found ours.

Please browse through our runners below and feel free to leave a message of encouragement below.

Junior Great North Run - Saturday 8th September 2018
The Great North Run Sunday - 9th September 2018


Live coverage - 09:30-13:30 - BBC One

Highlights - 18:00-19:00 - BBC Two

Junior GNR

Some of our 2018 Great North Run Team on training runs.

Shona Robertson
Lucy Ruthven
Jude Eltringham
Donna McRae
Anne WallacePaper Forms
Brendan Thorburn
Andrew Mavin
Laura Doolan 'Dools'Paper Forms
Joanne Dunn
Kieran PorteousPaper Forms
Andrew Smith
Kenny PuntonPaper Forms
Stewart Thompson
Amy-Louise Hoult>
Dave and Emma Watson
Jordan LeePaper Forms
Mags McIntosh
Ben Punton
Mark McLeman (GNR) and his daughter Mhairi (JGNR)
Mark JerdanPaper Forms
Simon CopplestonePaper Forms
Karen RougheadPaper Forms
Keighley Walton
Charlene TurnbullPaper Forms
Lisa and Neil Harris
Laura Walton
Shane Woolgar
Maureen AitchisonPaper Forms
Elaine Younger (GNR) and her son Jake (JGNR)
Wayne and Claire Etherington
Liam Graham
Carys Walker
Lorna Patton
Isla and Ollie Deans (Junior GNR)

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