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Sunday 8th September 2019

13.1 Miles

Newcastle - South Sheilds


If you see your name below you have been allocated a place in this years Great North Run.  You will be contacted soon with more information.  We do not have an minimum sponsorship for you to raise and we also do not charge for the places.  As a guide though we would appreciate your raising at least £100 to cover our costs but I am sure you will all do your best.  In 2018 we raised over £26,000.

Although September seems a long way off you can now setup you online giving page by clicking the following link:

When you are setting up your page you will be asked if you are taking part in an event, click yes and select THE GREAT NORTH RUN 2019.

If you have raised money for us before and already have an account you can use the same login details from previous years but please remember and delete any past pages to avoid confusion.

You can also download a paper sponsor form PLEASE CLICK HERE

Paper copies of the forms are available from Kreative Technology Reception (next to The Maltings Theatre).

CONGRATULATIONS and welcome to The 2019 Berwick Cancer Cars Great North Run Team - Exciting times ahead!

If you have been offered a place then please email or contact Andrew at or fill in the form on this page and state you accept the place.

We now have 50 runners!  Amazing.

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Please fill in the form below to register your interest in The Great North Run.

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Our 2019 Team

Ballot Place - GNR

These places have been won through the general ballot/3 year system.

  1. Andrew Smith GIVING PAGE
  2. Laura Robertson GIVING PAGE
  3. Nicola Colven
  4. Susan Howlett
  5. Stuart Richardson
  6. Anna Richardson
  7. Laura Robertson
  8. Andrew Mavin GIVING PAGE
  9. Lisa Nisbet

Junior Great North Run

Our little friends taking part in the Mini/Junior Great North Run on Saturday 7th September 2019.

  1. Freya Robertson GIVING PAGE
  2. Matt Boyd

Charity Place - GNR

Please note: these places are only provisionally allocated until the runner has confirmed acceptance.

  1. Andrew Waugh GIVING PAGE
  2. Rosie Hindmarsh (Confirmed)
  3. Cam Carstairs (Confirmed)
  4. Laura Walton (Confirmed)
  5. Mags McIntosh (Confirmed)
  6. John McIntosh (Confirmed)
  7. Joanne Dunn (Confirmed)
  8. Jordan Lee (Confirmed)
  9. Liam Graham (Confirmed)
  10. Brendan Thornurn GIVING PAGE
  11. Charlene Turnbull GIVING PAGE
  12. Sarah Turnbull GIVING PAGE
  13. Karen Roughead (Confirmed)
  14. Judith Thompson GIVING PAGE
  15. Jill Casey (Confirmed)
  16. Lorna Patton GIVING PAGE
  17. Lucy Grieve GIVING PAGE
  18. Chloë Smith GIVING PAGE
  19. Michelle Douglas (Confirmed)
  20. Louise Black GIVING PAGE
  21. Joanne Robertson GIVING PAGE
  22. Derek Lambert (Confirmed)
  23. Lynsey Meakin GIVING PAGE
  24. Kimberley Punton (Confirmed)
  25. Jamie Punton (Confirmed)
  26. Maureen Aitchison (Confirmed)
  27. Emma-Jones Watson (Confirmed)
  28. Dave Watson (Confirmed)
  29. Kenny Punton (Confirmed)
  30. Joanne Bruce (Confirmed)
  31. Heather Barnes (Confirmed)
  32. Peter Dunn
  33. David Hainsworth (Confirmed)
  34. Valda Darling (Confirmed)
  35. Steven Etheridge (Confirmed)
  36. Wendy Scott GIVING PAGE
  37. Georgie Scott GIVING PAGE
  38. Liann Smith (Confirmed)
  39. Nicola Dudgeon (Confirmed)
  40. Nicola Stebbing GIVING PAGE

In 2018 we managed an amazing 41 runners in The Great North Run and The Junior Great North Run raising over £20,000!  We also starred in the opening credits of the BBC coverage.



It is difficult to get entries for the run as it is so popular but last year (2017) we managed to have 39 runners and raised the magnificent sum of £14,000.  This money allowed us to replace one of cars and the runner name him 'Miles' (in recognition of all the miles ran to raise the money).

A video montage of our runners in 2017.

Junior GNR

Some of our 2018 Great North Run Team on training runs.

Thank you for the support of our local businesses.

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